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Love Of Money And The Image Of God

What would you do if you were offered an annual bonus of $3.6 million? Would your first reaction be that it was not enough?   Sam Polk’s memoir For the Love of Money is a fascinating read. Polk writes about his rise to senior trader at one of the largest hedge funds...

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A Remarkable Truth About God’s Spoken Word In The World

And God spoke all these words …                                                                                    Exodus 20.1     God spoke the world into existence. The universe and all of creation are the result of words God spoke. Yet when it came to our...

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How To Break The Toxic Habit Of Judging People

As the Sunday sermon began, I became quite distracted. Several minutes later when I had separate myself from the distractions and focused on the sermon, I felt like the preacher was talking far more forcefully than necessary. He also seemed to be missing the real...

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