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For Others Sake – An Opportunity To Bless

Lead me … unto Thy way, the way everlasting. For Jesus’ sake; aye for man’s sake too. ~ S.D. Gordon*   Anytime we strive to be more transparent before God, to be more Christ-like, to follow God’s path, we invite God’s blessings, and experience His pleasure. But...

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The Extraordinary Is Apparent In The Ordinary

Ordinary things are all around us. The very word hints at how mundane and uninteresting the ordinary can be. Yet, unless we are paying attention to the ordinary, we risk missing the extraordinary.    One day last fall I sat watching the birds. As a fairly avid...

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Victory In A Most Unconventional Manner

By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days. Hebrews 11:30     As the Hebrews, under the leadership of Joshua, prepared to enter and subdue the Promised Land, they sent spies out to get a feel for what they would encounter....

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