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My Remarkable New Insight Into The Power Of The Cross

When we set out on a family outing, I would not have guessed the small town of Leakey (pronounced Lay-kee), Texas would be the origin of a spiritual insight regarding the power of the cross of Christ. God speaks in ways we often don’t imagine and can’t conceive before...

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Its Never Too Late To Be Thankful

As Easter approaches, my thoughts go back about 15 years to a missed opportunity to be thankful. A boss, who may not have been completely in touch with her employees, decided to host an Easter egg hunt. I was filled with dread as this sort of activity is not in my...

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How to Know What God Loves Most About You

“You’re screwing up.” That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when my husband asked, “If Jesus were to sit here and talk to you, what do you think he would say?” Instinctively I knew that is not what Jesus would say, yet it is what came to mind. What God loves...

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