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Uncertain of how to proceed? Read the Bible

Have you ever started using something only to discover you didn’t know how to use it as well as you thought you did? A year ago I bought a new electric toothbrush. I didn’t look at the instructions because, you know, it’s an electric toothbrush. What more could there...

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God Shows His Delight by Surprising Me

I love looking at birds. God’s imagination must have been working overtime when He created them. His delight in creating such variety is evident. There are so many varieties in amazing colors designed just for their habitat and food source. Summer and fall migration...

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How a Father’s Gift Displayed His Love

“Do you know you have a dad who loves you, buying you such a great bike?” I asked the young boy at the bicycle shop. My husband and I were there purchasing new bikes and I’d been watching the lad for over an hour as he expressed only mild interest in his father’s...

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