Following God sometimes fells like walking in the fog. I don’t really have any sense of where I am going. To make matters worse, I can’t see anything to give me any objective means of determining which direction I should be moving.


What I’ve learned is that in God’s economy taking the next step is what matters. I may only be able to see five steps in front of me. When I’ve taken those five steps, one at a time, I can see only five more. Yet the encouraging part is that the distance is ten steps from where I started.



God Can Be Trusted


Sometimes it is difficult to follow God because we trust ourselves more than we trust God. We think we are better off relying on our own ability and skills than trusting God. Yet God never walks in uncertainty. He knows the future. God has full knowledge and there is nothing that surprises Him. 


Determining to trust God when things don’t make sense releases us from the burden of having to determine our own way. While God often does not make the entire path forward clear, He will never lead us astray. We can trust that He sees what we cannot.


And the exciting thing about trusting God when the way doesn’t seem clear is that the uncertainty seldom lasts. At some point, the fog lifts and we have greater clarity. What didn’t make sense begins to have greater meaning. God doesn’t always answer our questions. Just read Job for confirmation of this fact. But that doesn’t mean He never provides answers. Perhaps the more trust we have, the less important answers are because we know we will be taken care of.


I may not be able see where I am headed, but I can trust the One who has perfect vision in all circumstances, knows the plan, and orders my steps.