And God spoke all these words …

Exodus 20.1



God spoke the world into existence. The universe and all of creation are the result of words God spoke. Yet when it came to our obedience, He did not speak that into existence. Instead, He gave us commandments and leaves the choice to obey or not obey entirely to us.


Tyrannical dictators often make themselves out to be gods. Their spoken words become orders that demand immediate and unquestioned obedience. Perhaps the most familiar person assuming this role today is Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-un rules with an iron fist and disobedience is not tolerated. Whole families have experienced years of punishment because of a lone family member’s disobedience. The nation experiences great oppression while Kim Jong-un lives in great comfort and revels in lavish personal pleasure.



God is not a tyrannical dictator


His commands are for our benefit, not His personal pleasure. While many who choose not to believe in God would argue otherwise, God’s commands are not arbitrary or meant to limit our fun. Instead, they protect us and allow us to live deeply fulfilling and satisfied lives.


Perhaps this is one more reason to believe God is trustworthy. He could have spoken all kinds of things into existence, including our obedience. Instead of demanding our obedience and issuing immediate punishments when we fall short, God allows us to choose and is patient in the process. He pursues us with longsuffering love in an effort to prove He is worthy of our loyalty and obedience.


How have you experienced God’s love as a result of choosing to obey Him?

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