The Christian Living Bible Study Series is written for those who want to gain an in depth understanding of the biblical text. Those new to reading the Bible will appreciate the easy to read approach and useful background information. The Insights and application questions aids readers in deciding how they can effectively live out their faith.

The books in this series are designed for use by both groups and individuals. Individuals find the information enlightening and personally edifying as they engage in their own personal reading and studying. Since there’s nothing that takes the place of the perspective and input from other believers, group discussion of the insights and questions will really enhance the readers’ faith.

This series is written in a unique format. One chapter in the BibleStudy covers one chapter of biblical text. Each chapter includes:

  • Background – how the passage under study relates to ancient historical events, other biblical passages, and personalities of the time.
  • Overview – knowledge of ancient cultural practices, word definitions and overall meaning of the text gives greater depth of understanding to each passage. 
  • Insights – the Bible would not be much more than an interesting book to read if the principles and doctrines were not applied to our lives today. Questions following each chapter help facilitate individual thought or group discussion.


The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Acts don’t contain just mere stories; they relay the foundation of the Christian faith. By fully understanding Jesus’ miraculous birth, the standards by which He lived His life, why He had to die, and the significance of His resurrection, readers will grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. Birth of the Church will give you the understanding you need concerning Jesus’ life and the early development of the worldwide Christian church.

Paul started out his adult life persecuting the followers of the newly emerging Christian faith and ended his life refusing to denounce that same faith, a faith he embraced as his own after an encounter with Jesus Christ. The Bible contains thirteen letters Paul wrote to other believers. These letters, along with Hebrews, whose authorship is unknown, set out clear and logical reasons for joining Paul in his faith in Jesus. Though these letters were written almost 2,000 years ago, Paul’s timeless words apply to believer’s lives today just as much as they did to his original audience. Paul’s Letters to the Early Church assists you in understanding Paul’s intense desire to see both Jews and Gentiles not only know about the work of his Savior, Jesus Christ, but also personally experience the love, grace, mercy, and redemption offered to all by the Father through the sacrifice of the Son.

James, Peter, and Jude wrote relatively short letters to the early believers, yet each of these letters is packed with insights on how to live as Jesus calls believers to live. The book of James is considered a how-to manual filled with practical instructions for reflecting Jesus to the world. Peter’s letters focus on the false teachings that creep into beliefs in the midst of persecution and suffering. Jude’s letter warns against false teachers who were distorting the truth of Christ. The Epistles of James, Peter, and Jude help readers understand what concerns motivated each author to write his letter and teach the reader how to defend his/her faith against those same concerns today.

Grow in wisdom and knowledge as you learn more about the history and purpose of God's word.