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The Danger Of Attempting To Control Evil

The jailbreak was quick and unexpected, at least from the perspective of Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2. Justin Hammer claimed to be a fan of Vanko’s work and facilitated the escape in order to put Vanko’s knowledge and ability to work. (Click here for a clip of the scene.)...

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Pruning: How Pain Can Actually Lead To Joy

As humans, we don’t like pain. We can be easily overwhelmed by persistent or unexpected pain. Our culture has developed all kinds of ways to substitute, medicate, replace and avoid pain. Yet what if pain was not something to steer clear of? What if pain had a greater...

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These Commands Actually Lead To More Joy

Road closed. Detour. I watched as bold drivers completely ignored the signs and drove around the barrier, only to be pulled over100 yards later by a police officer just around the curve and out of sight. I don’t know if he was issuing tickets, but I did observe the...

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