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It’s Absolutely True: You Are Really Loved By God

Years ago I sat down on the couch to have a quiet time. Tov, my loveable dog, immediately hopped up, walked over and made himself at home on my lap. Full of expectation, he gently poked his nose into my hand, then sat contently as I stroked the back of his head....

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God Will Find You No Matter Where You Are

“Where are you?” my husband asked.   I was 45 minutes away from home and in a part of town I wasn’t familiar with. The accident that had just totaled my car left me unhurt, but shaken. As a result, I couldn’t seem to think of the specifics to answer the question....

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God’s Offer to Reason Is An Awesome Gift

God makes a startling request in the first chapter of Isaiah.   “Come now, let us reason together” Isaiah 1.18a   This is the only place God invites us to reason with Him. God told the Israelites to reason with their neighbors to avoid sin (Lev. 19.17). Paul...

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