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How To Break The Toxic Habit Of Judging People

As the Sunday sermon began, I became quite distracted. Several minutes later when I had separate myself from the distractions and focused on the sermon, I felt like the preacher was talking far more forcefully than necessary. He also seemed to be missing the real...

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Judge Softly

Contrary to popular opinion, the proverb not to judge another before walking a mile in another persons moccasins or shoes does not come from Native Americans. Rather it originates in a poem written in 1895 by Mary T. Lathrap and focuses on our penchant for making...

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My Remarkable New Insight Into The Power Of The Cross

When we set out on a family outing, I would not have guessed the small town of Leakey (pronounced Lay-kee), Texas would be the origin of a spiritual insight regarding the power of the cross of Christ. God speaks in ways we often don’t imagine and can’t conceive before...

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