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But Still … Two Ways To Surrender Disappointment

After living in my house for 30 years, my 60-year-old kitchen finally got the update it desperately needed. The knotty pine cabinets and custom linoleum floor were in style at least seven styles ago!   As one of the final steps in the kitchen renovation, we replaced...

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Realizing Being Popular Isn’t All It Promises To Be

In grade school, I was never one of the popular girls. I wanted to be, but… Then one day in eighth grade all my school shirts were dirty and Mom let me wear a white blouse. She wouldn’t let me wear white regularly because it got dirty too easily. On that particular...

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Love Of Money And The Image Of God

What would you do if you were offered an annual bonus of $3.6 million? Would your first reaction be that it was not enough?   Sam Polk’s memoir For the Love of Money is a fascinating read. Polk writes about his rise to senior trader at one of the largest hedge funds...

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