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Flaws: God Makes Things All Amazingly New

The highest-priced pieces of carved jade are those made out of solid colored stones without flaws. Going against the conventional selection process, an unknown artist selected a piece of multicolor jade containing cracks and color blotches to carve an exquisite piece...

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One Man’s Death Ensured Life For Billions

The guilty verdict to a crime Jesus did not commit and the resulting punishment that took this one man's life is the focus of Good Friday. As believers we understand that Jesus’ death was a part of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Death was not an unwilling outcome...

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Blissful Truth About The Lover Of Our Souls

Without warning, a bomb exploded on KAL flight #858 killing all 115 souls on board. It didn’t take long for authorities to trace and arrest the agents who had placed the bomb. Both attempted suicide by biting down on cyanide pills. One agent succeeded, while the other...

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