Lead me … unto Thy way, the way everlasting. For Jesus’ sake; aye for man’s sake too.
~ S.D. Gordon*


Anytime we strive to be more transparent before God, to be more Christ-like, to follow God’s path, we invite God’s blessings, and experience His pleasure. But we are not the only ones to enjoy that experience. God’s presence and blessings showered on us extend from us to others and they are blessed as well.


We can enhance ours and others’ lives and extend God’s presence when we:

  • remain patient in an impossible situation,
  • go out of our way to help someone in need,
  • smile at a homeless person we would otherwise avoid,
  • stop to talk to an elderly neighbor who is lonely.


Inexhaustible Ways To Bless


The list of ways we can extend God’s blessing is endless. It is perhaps human nature to think some of the things we do for others are pretty insignificant. Yet we run the risk of missing how God’s presence is being revealed when we discount the effect of what we do.


God has called each of us as believers to be a part of a local body of Christ. That’s why Jesus prayer is called the Our Father, not the My Father. He has gifted each of us to fulfill a need within that body. Our contribution to the body is not only an act of obedience, but for the betterment of the body of believers.



Jesus help me each day to choose you, to choose your ways and your path. Help me know myself as well as you know me so that I may release, renounce, and reject all within me that is not of you. Remind me that what you call me to is not only for you, but for the sake of those around me as well. Amen.



*Donna Maltese, 365 Devotions on the Power of Prayer, (Uhrichsville, OH, Barbour Publishing, Inc., 2019), Day 29

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