I have always loved the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy. There’s something about the tune, the words, and the sentiment that speaks to my soul. The song prompts me to ask what it would have been like to live during the very first Christmas, to have an inkling of who the child in the manger would one day be. To desire to give the best gift from the very little available.


The angel who announced Jesus’ birth followed by the heavenly host who praised God must have been an incredible and, at the same time, confusing sight for the shepherds. It was enough to send them to Bethlehem in search of the boy king.


Though the Little Drummer Boy mixes truth with fiction, I can imagine it occurring. As the shepherds found the manger, they began to understand the message of the angel. The desire to give this Boy King the honor and glory He rightly deserved grew. But what do you give the King of the Universe that He does not have already? The little shepherd boy gave what he had – his ability to play a drum. It was not much, yet it was all he had.


Today, many of us in North America are blessed with financial resources. We may not always feel like we are blessed. We may feel like we continually struggle to make ends meet from one month to the next. Yet in the spectrum of the entire world, we have much more than half of everyone alive today. That blessing often is most evident through the Christmas gifts we choose to give. We do our best to fill the wish list of those we love.


The Best Gift

Have you ever considered that whatever you would choose to lay before Jesus’ manger is really no more than the pa rum pum pum pum offered by the drummer boy? God, who created the entire universe not through toil and sweat, but merely by speaking it into existence, does not have needs. He doesn’t need a poor boy’s beating drum.


Yet when we give, as the little drummer boy gave, from the depths of our hearts and with the full reverence due a mighty king, Jesus receives our efforts the same way the song portrays – with a smile of gratitude and appreciation.


We give gifts today because we were given the greatest gift of all. Sin sentenced us to death. That death was not just commuted, but overturned completely. All who accept the gift Jesus gives move from certain death to eternal life. There is no better gift.


As we move through the Christmas season this year, it is worth considering what you have to offer the Boy King. He needs nothing. Yet He loves the gifts, however small and seemingly insignificant, we give with our whole hearts. What will your gift be?

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